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What is Obie?

Obie is a highly advanced interactive projector gaming console that projects custom-made games on different surfaces (e.g. floors, walls and tabletops) allowing kids to engage in active play using body movements, hand-eye coordination tactics, and by touching displayed images. Obie works with advanced optical sensors, and does not require any joystick, controller or wearable device to operate.

Does Obie require a special flooring or fixtures?

No. Obie can project games on any light-colored floor, wall or tabletop to create an instant magical attraction inside your home. Obie comes with a standard ceiling mount and only requires a power line and a network connection (either Wifi or a LAN cable) to run.

Who is it for?

Obie is the perfect solution to engage children and keep them entertained and moving around. Obie includes a special library of educational games designed for child development so your children can play and learn at the same time.

What are the benefits of Obie compared to other play equipment I can buy?



Obie is a projector that is mounted to your ceiling and projects games on standard surfaces. The device is very safe to use (there are no moving parts, no physical obstacles that can cause risk of bruises or cuts), and is a highly hygienic and germ-free play solution (kids play with projected images on a surface that can be easily cleaned, unlike play structures that require careful maintenance to avoid germs and infections), easy to install (as simple as mounting a projector on your ceiling), comes with a huge variety of games to keep kids actively engaged and offers the best combination of space utilization, flexibility, play value, educational value and great fun for kids ages 2 and up.  

What are the four interactive modes that Obie comes with?




 Obie is a highly innovative interactive projection device providing endless options of interactivity to engage kids. Obie comes with 4 different modes of operation, each with unique interactive games and experiences:

Floor – Interactive floor projection. Obie will project interactive games on your standard floor (or a light-colored surface covering the floor) which can be played by stomping, kicking or moving your body on the projected game objects. Floor games can be played by 1-10 kids together on the same surface.

Wall – Interactive wall projection. Obie will project interactive games on any standard wall. Obie Wall is similar to a giant touch screen or tablet where you can interact with the projected objects using touch and hand gestures. Wall games can be played by 1-4 kids playing together on the same surface.

Avatar Wall – Avatar Wall projection. Obie will project interactive games on any standard wall. Unlike the Wall mode, Avatar Wall detects the user’s full body gestures and movements and comes with games that mimic movements, jumping and body gestures. Avatar Wall mode is suitable for 1-2 kids playing together on the same surface.

Tabletop – Interactive tabletop projection. Obie will project interactive games on any standard (light-colored) tabletop. Obie supports different shaped tabletop surfaces (round, rectangle, etc.) and adapts the projection automatically to the tabletop shape.  Obie Tabletop mode is similar to a large touch screen or tablet where you can interact with the projected objects using touch and hand gestures. Tabletop mode is suitable for 1-4 kids playing together on the same surface.

Who is the company behind Obie?

Obie is produced by EyeClick, the makers of BEAM, a company with over 15 years of experience in interactive projected display solutions and thousands of global clients including McDonald’s, Fisher-Price, IKEA, Marriott hotels, The Goddard School, Kiddie Academy and countless businesses, educational facilities, healthcare centers and family entertainment centers, looking to stand out and provide a unique, healthy and high-quality play environment for kids.

How can you afford to sell it so cheap compared to similar products on the market?

We believe that the benefits of interactive projected play solutions should be enjoyed by all kids! Unfortunately, high-quality interactive projected solutions do not come cheap and we are certainly not willing to compromise on quality. That’s why we designed and manufactured Obie, as a compact, cost-effective solution, that can be easily installed by our clients and sold directly online without the overhead of a big back office staff or installation technicians. Our goal with Obie is to provide the most comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective solution on the market with the same unprecedented quality for pay in a home setting that we provide to our biggest enterprise clients.

Can I try Obie and return it if I don’t like it?

Sure. Get your Obie and try it for 30 days. We believe you’ll love it and see the benefits right away. Decided you don’t want it? We’ll take it back, no questions asked!

What is the difference between Obie and BEAM?



There are few main differences between Obie and BEAM. BEAM is a fully professional and robust interactive projection solution designed for industrial usage in big venues. It comes with a professional range of projectors suitable for a high level of usage. BEAM also comes with a professional grade installation and an on-site maintenance program. If you are looking for an interactive projection device to use in your home and want a simple and cost-effective solution to entertain and educate your children, while enjoying the technological advantages of the best interactive projection solutions in the market, Obie is the solution for you.

How often do you release new games?



Our game studio releases new games for Obie on a monthly basis. 

Who designed Obie?

Do you like Obie’s design? So do we. Obie was designed by Frog Design, one of the leading international product design firms responsible for design classics like the first Apple™ personal computer, the Sony™ Walkman and countless other award-winning products. 

What are the physical requirements for an Obie installation?



In order to install Obie, you will need the following:

  1. A ceiling height between 8 to 15 feet height.
  2. A standard power line to connect Obie. 
  3. A network connection (either Wifi or LAN cable).
  4. A light-colored floor, wall or tabletop for the projection.

My floor is not light-colored, can I cover it with a light-colored PVC or Vinyl Sheet flooring?

Yes. Obie can work on any light-colored surface. If your floor is not light-colored, you might want to cover it with a light colored surface, carpet or flooring tiles.

I would like to install Obie by myself. How difficult is it?



Installing Obie is similar to installing a projector on the ceiling at your home. Obie comes with a standard mount that makes the process easy and hassle-free, assuming you are familiar with the installation of ceiling projector mounts. You will need to follow the installation instructions that comes inside the Obie packaging or on our support page. Oh, and you will need a drill, a ladder and some screws and bolts.

Can I use the standard mount that comes with Obie to install it on a false ceiling?

You can, assuming the height from the ceiling to the false ceiling is less than 16”. Otherwise you would need to purchase a special false-ceiling mount adapter separately. When you proceed to checkout, you will find an offer to add a false-ceiling mount adapter just in case.

Is Obie safe to use?



Obie is perfectly safe to use in all the places you would use a normal projector. You should avoid looking directly at the Obie light source and follow the safety instructions provided inside the Obie packaging or at our support page. Obie comes with an FCC safety certificate.

What happens if my Obie breaks down?

No worries. We’ll fix it. Obie is designed with the best components and meant to last for a  long time. If your Obie breaks down during the warranty period, we will fix it at no charge, assuming standard usage according to our guidelines. Your Obie is out of warranty? Just contact us and we’ll give you a service quote.

Is Obie available worldwide?



Not yet. For now, Obie is only available in North America. Obie will be available in more countries very soon.

I still have more questions, how can I contact you?

For more questions, please contact us at

How is Obie different from its competitors?

  • Price- Obie is available for purchase at a much lower price. 
  • 4 Modes-The Obie device offers four distinctly different modes in one device. 
  • Original content- All of Obie’s games are custom-made at our game development studio.
  • Credibility- Obie is produced by EyeClick, the makers of BEAM, a company with over 15 years of experience in interactive projected display solutions and thousands of global clients including MacDonald’s, Burger King, and many more!